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Starring: Keila, Tilda (New Actress!), Annabelle, Sally, Billy Brag

Janine, internet influencer turned into a doll

agent Charlotte Lindholm, smart ass FBI agent, later turne into a doll

Owner of the wax museum

Scene 1 - Janine speking into the camera

"Hi fans, Janine here, Today I'm visiting a creepy wax museum on the outskirts, It's full of very live like dolls, strange poses and goofy looking faces. Like that." Janine making a few funny poses and faces. "I'll report later."

Scene 2 - agent Lindholm and the museum owner, later with Janine

Agent Lindholm tok a huge sip from a cup of coffee. "Great, I needed that let's investigate."

She was getting into the museum to snoop around, a gun I both her hands. Suddenly the owner entered the room. "Agent Lindholm, I presume. May I help you?"

"Sure you can. I'm searching for that famous internet influencer, Janine. She vanished after she visited your museum."

"Oh, yes. Janine. Well, she decided to stay." The owner opend a door and there was Janine, naked (or lingerie, whatever is comfortable), holding a mannequin like pose, eyes wide and mouth open with an o-face. "DoesnnÄt she make a great doll?"

"What the ...." Agent Lindholm went over to the stiff Janine, patting her on the cheek, checking her eyes and mouth. "She's totally out of it and rigid. What did you do to her?"

"Well she was drinking a cup of coffee and suddenly turned stiff. I just took advantage of that Actually, it was the same coffee you drank, agent Lindholm."

"Wait, what?" She was about to get over to the owner when she stopped in her tracks, sporting a very suprised o-face herself.

"Agent Lindholm? Charlotte? Anybody home?" The owner knocked on Charlotte's forehard and made the agent fall back rigidly onto a sofa.

Scene 3 - the owner with the two dolls

The Janine doll was standing there, holding the same pose. The owner dragged the stiff agent back in, her feet scratching across the floor. Charlotte was sporting the same facial expression, spaced out o-face.

The girls were now getting posed in different situations with goofy, off-guard poses, getting photographed, for example:
pretending to dance around, being in a debate, pen in mouth, blowing a kiss, dancing around the room etc. and funny facial expressions like slacked mouth, o-face etc.

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