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«I did like the video very much. Scarlett did amazing acting job. She acted the crawling, pain and defibrillation very well. I liked that you used a lot of blood, and the special effects were good. The camera work was also very good.»

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Long story about female scientist who was shot by sniper. Great actress Scarlett Fandera acts very long agony and trying to survive. Very gory film!

If you like tragic end the film ends for you at 25-27 minute. If you like happy ends you can see her recovery through a pacemaker and survival and resurrection

Detailed Plot

Attempted Scientist Assassination

Scene 1 (5 MINUTES)

Scarlett is a very intelligent, very smart scientist working on a secret government project. A spy agency has been ordered to kill her to stop her work. One day Scarlett works late in the research lab. She leaves the research building late at night. She goes to her car in parking lot. All of sudden man with rifle (POV) shoots her when she is near her car. The bullet enters in her back and exists just below her rib cage. She feels a sharp stinging pain, but quickly realizes what happened and acts quickly. She hides behind her car to avoid being shot again. What follows is Scarlett very intelligently hiding from the shooter by moving between cars, walls, or barriers in the parking lot. The shooter shoots at her many times but the bullets are blocked or deflected by the objects Scarlett ducks behind. Eventually the shooter can't find Scarlett. She uses this time to run back into the building, go into one of the rooms, lock the door and hide behind a desk.

Scene 2 (20 Mintues)

5 Minutes

Now she has time to inspect her injury. She looks down to see her clothes covered in blood. She realizes she need to put pressure on the wound. Also she need to gag her mouth so she doesn't scream from the terrible pain. She takes off her shirt, cuts a small cloth from it, and ties it around her mouth. Then she puts the shirt on the bullet wound to put pressure on it. Then using her cellphone she will call the Scientist Protection Agency (SPA). This government agency is tasked with protection of high value scientists. In a whispering voice she tells them the situation and asks them to come save her from the shooter and bring medical help to save her life. They tell her they are coming they tell her to stay calm, stay hidden, try to not let pain sounds as much as possible. Then they tell they know where is from her tracker device implanted in her arm. She agrees and hangs up.

15 Minutes

By then, she had lost good amount of blood. There is blood around the injury area, blood on her shirt, blood lines going down stomach to her her legs all the way to her ankle, blood going down the sides of her body, blood from the entry wound going down her back. She continues to pressure the bullet wound with the shirt. She feels weak and sits down against the wall. She suffers in pain and pulls her knees to her face. She withers and moans in pain for several minutes. She is afraid she will die. She suffers in pain and agony for several minutes. She then slowly slides to the ground. She twists and turns in pain on the ground for several minutes. She tries hard to just moan in pain but not to scream so the shooter does not hear her. Then she suddenly passes out. Screen fades to black.

Scene 3 (12 MIN)

Scarlett heart stops. Every high value scientist has an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) implanted into their chest by the SPA to help save them in this case. This internal defibrillator will shock the heart when its stops or beats irregularly. The device will shock Scarlett's heart many times over 10 minutes. The actress will simulate this by moving her chest and stomach up then down in a shock pattern. The shocks will become gradually stronger with time. Finally, one of the shocks will bring her pulse back. She wakes up. She sits up scared and breathing heavily as if she just woke up from a nightmare. She gets a call from the SPA that they killed the shooter and coming to get her.  

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