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It's midnight. A dark bar, somewhere in the city. A young woman enters the eatery, she is the only guest. She seems rushed, excited. She's been in hiding for two days, she's on the run as she murdered a wealthy company boss as a contract killer. She sits down at the bar and orders a drink. The barmaid musters the young woman, finds her irritating and interesting, casts furtive glances at her. After a few drinks, the barmaid stands next to the mysterious woman, she begins to seduce her: She touches her, strokes her legs, kisses her. The killer groans, is very drunk, but she likes it. She gets up, touching her hands and stroking the body of the waitress. "Do you want another drink?" the waitress asks, heading back to the bar. At that moment, the newspaper lying behind the bar strikes her. A photo is pictured there showing the mystery woman and that she is wanted as a murderer. The barmaid is horrified, in panic. What can she do? She resorts to a narcotic, which she has for unpleasant guests, fills the powder into the drink and goes back to her guest. "Here, your drink, at the expense of the house," she smiles at her. Hastily, the killer drinks out the glass. The operation waits until the remedy works. Slowly her guest is dazed, the murderer senses something is wrong. "What did you do?" She yells at the bar lady. She tries to get up but falls to the ground. She writhes, groans in pain, eventually she becomes unconscious, remains motionless on the floor. The barmaid crashes to the phone, calls police: "Come, fast, fast ... The wanted killer is with me!“ she roars into the phone. She receives a request from police to search the unconscious woman. She goes back to her, bends over her. At that moment, the murderer opens her eyes, grabs the neck of the waitress with her hands, pushes tightly. A long, brutal battle on the floor begins. In the beginning it seems undecided, but the murderer is significantly stronger. She eventually retrieves a rope from her trouser pocket, places it from behind around the bar lady's beautiful neck and pulls tightly. She fights for her life, moans, beats around her, stramps with her legs. She can't free herself, though. "You will die" the killer fumes. „You're not going to betray me!“ She pulls the rope more and more firmly. The barmaid is getting weaker, her movements slower. She doesn't get any more air. Her body starts twitching. Eventually she dies suffering, in great pain with her eyes wide open. The killer laughs, searches the waitress. She takes all the money with her, it's supposed to look like a robbery. Eventually, she gets up and leaves the lifeless body behind. But when she goes to the exit, there is already a bounty hunter with a pistol in his hand. "Joe, what..." she says. She grabs her knife, but Joe shoots twice in her stomach. She moans, staggers back, after a few meters she falls to the ground. She whimpers in pain. Blood is pouring out of her mouth. She crawls and tries to escape. "You can't escape!" Joe yells at her, shooting a third time, in the back. She groans loudly, her body begins to twitch, she dies agonizingly on the floor, her eyes are wide open. The bounty hunter searches both bodies. He then leaves the bar laughing.

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