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Tanya and Annabelle are sitting at a table smoking and drinking , relaxed and talking. They are armed with handguns. Tanya tells Annabelle that the "boss" wants them to steal a laptop computer with financial information that is damaging to the "boss". It could send him to prison for many years. He will pay them "big" money to do the job. They agree to meet the next day and do the job. They agree to take their guns because the location may be guarded. Next we see them entering an office/residence and begin to look for the computer. They go through drawers and cabinets but do not find it immediately. Then they finally find it. Tanya also finds a brief case/bag and puts the computer in the case/bag. Tanya says "Now we can get out of here." Walking towards the door holding the bag. Annabelle says "WAIT" "Give the bag to me", pointing her gun at Tanya. Tanya is surprised "What are you doing", Tanya asks. Annabelle tell her that she knows Tanya has been sleeping with her man and she is angry. " I will not share the money with a slut who sleeps with my man." Tanya says "You should blame him not me." " I have the computer and I will not give it to you." Annabelle says "I would love to kill you, it would be easy for what you did with my man." Tanya then raises her gun. " Your choice" says Annabelle who extends the gun towards Tanya. Tanya appears to relent, lowers her gun briefly then quickly shoots Annabelle in the shoulder. Tanya drops the bag. Annabelle stumbles then shoots Tanya once in the arm. Annabelle moves to get the bag but Tanya pushes her away, and shoots Annabelle once in the belly. Annabelle reacts in pain then shoots Tanya twice in the in the chest. Tanya is stunned and remains standing. Annabelle tries to get the bag again. Tanya, still standing bloody mouth, wounds, screams  at Annabelle and fires three shots at Annabelle in the torso. Annabelle falls to her knees. Tanya moves again towards the bag. Now Annabelle shoots Tanya FOUR times in the chest, forcing her backwards against a wall. Tanya remains standing against the wall, now weak. Annabelle is watching Tanya and says "Nobody steals my man" then shoots Tanya in the throat. Tanya manages to get one more shot off hitting Annabelle on the cheek below the eye. Annabelle falls sideways from her knees and rolls over on her back. She suffers briefly then dies staring at the ceiling. . Tanya now begins to slide down the wall slowly, gagging from the throat wound and bleeding from the mouth, She reaches the floor, legs spread, suffers a while then dies staring straight ahead. Long look at the posed bodies

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