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To Serve And Protect


« I think everyone had fantastic performance this time, especially the moaning at the end of the video! »

CAST: Nata and Nadya

From Customer’s Review

The door is opened. One very experienced officer entering the house with another girl. She was asked to protect a witness for an important trial.

The cop closes the door and says,“There will be our home for next two weeks.”

“They are trying to find me, and I believe that they will kill me in cold blood too.” The witness almost cries. “So scary, I don’t want to die!”

“Listen. I am the most experienced agent in witness protection. I’ve been in this field for ten years, and you see, I am still here. Come on, go to the bath, watch TV, and go to sleep, as usual. I will guard you here all night. Relax, and don’t worry, you will be safe.”

The witness enters the bedroom. The cop sits down on the sofa, taking off her boots, and touching her feet with black socks softly.

“I can’t believe I have to waste my time in protecting her. If they comes and finds us, she will plead for her life like coward. I’m not afraid to die, and I would never plead for my life. Shame, these socks are so sweaty, maybe I would wear another pair next time. A sexy cop.”

The phone rings. The cop picks up the phone, and says hello.

“This is inspector Ivan. The gangs hires a hitwoman to kill you and the witness, and we only now her code name, Shadow.”

“Oh.” The cop frowns, “Any other descriptions?”

“We have a photo of her from the airport security camp, but it’s in very low quality. I will send it to you cell phone right now. And, please be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I will be ready for her.” The cop looks very confident.However, after seeing the photo, she was shocked. The killer is the girl she need to “protect”!

“My god. It’s her!” She drops the phone, and picks up her gun, getting closer and closer to the bedroom. She opens the door slowly, and the “witness”---- the killer, is waiting for her behind the door.

The cop turns around, seeing her. At that moment, the killer kicked off the gun from her hand, and tries to beat her:” Die, bitch!” The cop is quite experienced, and she slashed the killer’s face. The cop punches the killer brutally for several times, These two girls beat each other’s face and belly heavily. However, the cop is elder than the killer, so she feels tired before the killer. The killer has control the fight gradually. After beating the cop’s face and belly ten times without any resistance, the killer makes a final punch, pushing the cop lying on the bed. The cop’s face is bleeding, like this picture:

“Oh, no!” The cops starts moaning.

“Die, stupid cop! I killed the witness, and pretended to be here, and kill you.”

“Please, please don’t kill me, I don’t want to die......” The cop looks painful and helpless. However, it was useless, and her eyes cross and roll up in her head.

The killer smiles. “I rather enjoy that.” She gets out of the bedroom and checks the bag which the cop left.

However, the cop wakes up, picks up her gun, and walked outside the bedroom, with great shaking since she has been punched heavily for many times. She points the gun to the killer, slowly but firmly

“You did really think it is that easy to kill me, did you? Now it’s your turn to die, bitch.” She fires a bullet to the killer. The killer is lying on the sofa, picks up her gun quickly, and points the gun to the cop 4 rounds: one in chest, and three in belly. Vomiting blood from her mouth, the cop tries to control herself. She makes great effort to stand up again, and gives another shot to kill the killer.

The cop picks up her cell phone, and says to her colleague:”Now I have killed the Shadow, but with four holes in my body. I will go to office sooner, and l look forward to see you guys in the pub to enjoy beers this night.”

After the short call, the cop feels that she can no longer control her body,She gradually lying on the ground, moaning, and her legs struggle heavily. Her whole body was shaking, and she is no longer able to say anything now, just like this picture.

After two minutes, she goes wide eyed and still, dead from the four fatal wounds, with two feet on black socks.





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