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«Excellent script reduction and plot portrayal, the camera is just right. Good cooperation.»

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Starring: Judi, Li, Max


 Great two stabbing scenes with lots of blood and great make up!

Max is a failed film director and belly fetish who is now plotting his two plans to kill two girls in an audition. So he posted an online call for young actresses to audition.

On the first day, Judi was recruited to Max's room.

Max told her she was going to try out a knife stabbing scene today. During the audition, Max revealed his obsession with her abdomen and used a telescopic knife. Max told her that it was a scene in which her boyfriend stabbed his girlfriend because of relationship problems. After several attempts, Judi's performance was perfect. Max asks for one last audition, and then secretly replaces the retractable knife with a real fruit knife. It was like a normal performance but stabbed into Judi's stomach. Max pushed Judi onto the bed and stabbed her repeatedly in the stomach. Max then told Judi that his real intention was to kill her. Judi died in despair.

The next day, Li is also recruited to Max's room, wearing a crop top, flesh-colored stockings and thigh-high boots. Max also asked her to try a group of lens by knife, the same in the final Max audition will be fake sword with a knife, stabbed li, and then he pushed the li on the wall, slowly from stabbing gradually became quickly stabbed her, after a period of time, li was dead, Max pulled her pants down to her hipbone, then continued to play with her stomach and navel, then carried her to Judi's side, then Max smiled devilishly, picked up the knife and stabbed them very, very slowly into their previous abdominal wounds, repeated several times, Max used a knife to make a long cut in the middle of both girls' bellies. The wound went through the middle of the belly button, separating it, and Max stirred his fingers into the belly button, enjoying the pleasant sensation of touching his intestines. Finally Max takes out his camera and is satisfied with his "work".


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