It’s the fragment of the big project custom movie.

Contains: immortal, vampire, zombie, much blood, shooting, stabbing.


Judi and Keila are cops and great partners; they have known each other for 7 years and have been partners for 5 years. Together, they have solved tons of cases in their city which is filled with dangerous criminals and drug dealers.

Their next case is a big one. Juliana is the biggest criminal in the state, with a huge creativity and amazing skills when it comes to handling a major threat. She is a serious person when it comes to business, but she enjoys her work so much that sometimes she can be seen a little bit happier than usual, with some sense of humor. She enjoys killing people, but when it comes to those actions you can also see her serious, cold look in her eyes. Juliana has come up with a drug that makes people invincible for 30 minutes, no side-effects. She plans to sell the drug on the black market for billions of dollars, a fortune that makes her decide that this is her final crime.

The drug is a threat, since there is a lot of crime in the city and with criminals becoming invincible, stopping them would become impossible. With this, the difficult task begins for Judi and Keila, to stop Juliana. They have been searching her for 2 years, but that problem will be over, although it will start one even bigger, at least for Judi…

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