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«I receive my custom video and i really love it. I would like to thank and compliment for the following.

1. The length of movie: As my script is very simple, i was just expecting length of time is around 15 minutes. Actually i got 23 minutes. That’s bonus for me.

2. Creative ideas: thank you so much for adding some creative ideas which make the video more attractive and not changing the main script.

3. I receive  the custom video in time as per conversation.

I am so satisfied with your studio ( darkroom) !!!!!»




Starring: Sonya Krueger, Achilles, Li

The woman come to massage center cos she was suffered gastric problem ( burping). She explain the massage guy about her burping problem.( with some burp while she is explaining)The massage guy was very good at massage to make the woman to burp out.

She lay down on her belly on the massage bed. He starts his massage on the woman’s back. As he is very good at it, whenever he press on the woman’s back she burp out loud.

( massage, some conversation and burping, burping with some hiccups).

Meanwhile massage guy’s phone is ringing and he request the woman(client) to give him a moment to answer his phone and walk out from the room.

The woman drink some soda and lay down on her belly again and waiting for massage guy. And reading a book. Then she start burping again. This time, the burps are gradually unusual, constantly and extremely because of that soda she just drunk. Burping, burping with some hiccups and the last big burp took her life and left her body with open eyes and mouth.

Massage guy come back and he doesn’t realize what was happening.

So he was talking to the woman and continue his massage on that woman who is already dead. As there is no responses from the woman, he finally find out that she was dead already. He gets shocked and doesn’t know what to do at first

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