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CAST: Bella Lenina, Mira Green, Sally, Alex


«The girls did an amazing job as expected, please thank them, all great actresses for this piece; Also Alex of course played the part nicely.

I might add that I like Alex in the part as I can extend my customs into longer films but it is sometimes a problem with continuity because Alex always has a different beard or hair length.

This is a really good story scenario for me, very different to my normal ideas. It makes me interested in a camping scenario with a basic sniper theme similar to this story»

Customer’s Review

Girls arrive near the location in a car and begin the short walk to the forest.

We then see the assassin arrive dressed casually. He has a sniper rifle in a bag over his shoulder and checks out the car to confirm it belongs to his targets. He too begins to creep towards the forest.

The girls are in the wooded area trying to understand the map. They do not seem to know how to read it.

The assassin watches from a distance and decides to find a good place to set up his rifle.

We first see the girls from a distance (from the assassin’s angle) then we see the assassin looking through his telescopic sight, watching the girls checking around the area.

We see the girls separate; they begin to search the bushes and go in different directions. One picks up a branch to use to search the bushes.

We see a short cut to the rifle barrel as the assassin takes aim.

The first victim is partially up a grass bank on one knee searching the grass and bushes. We hear a sound of a silenced shot and victim number one drops immediately to the bank slumped to the ground and begins to roll a couple of times until she lays still spread on her back with legs wide apart at the bottom of the bank. We see a small wound in the side of her chest A second shot rings out and we see the body jolt as the bullet hits the bottom of her breast.

The second victim is standing at the top of a small slope; she bends to search the bushes and another shot rings out. She arches backwards and drops to her knees immediately still. She falls backwards over the slope to slide to a stop on the side of the slope with a small wound in her back.

The assassin raises from his sight to check the area for another victim.

We then see the next victim check for a signal on her phone; she has got bored of looking and sits at the edge of a small hill as she waits for her friends. A shot rings out and she drops backwards arching and hanging on her back over the hill. A bullet wound is clearly seen in her left breast She kicks her legs two or three times until a second shot is heard and her body jolts violently and becomes still.

The camera views each victim in turn; their clothes are untidy showing most of their ass and legs or groin. We see the details of their dead faces for the first time, their mouths and eyes partially open as if they had not expected death. The woods are now quiet again and the assassin raises from his hiding place, leaving his rifle hidden.

He begins to walk to his targets and upon reaching the first (any of the victims) he looks around to check for any sound of passing people. He pulls out his pistol and begins to screw a suppressor to it.

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