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CAST: Lana Fant, Afrodita, Achilles, Romanus

Action elements: 

- self confident, arrogant girls' behaviour, 

- girls sitting provocatively, laughing and flirting with male servants that stand beside the chairs, 

- girls slightly touching male bodies carelessly,  

- girls verbally cheating each other,

- girls pushing the servants away and going to the weapons, 

- putting gloves on, taking swords, 

- greeting ritual with swords - putting the swords up and down and bowing heads, 

- one servant trying girls to stop, 

- one girl (that dies later) orders her servant to be silent,

- girls taking the same fighting positions - legs put spread, one hand directing ahead with sword, second hand on hip,

- clashing the swords, duel, 

- one girl droping her weapon during the fight, 

- the second girl (that dies later) let her rival to take the dropped sword from the floor,

- the girl who before carelessly let the rival to take the sword from the floor loses the duel,

- more blood effects, bleeding hole, blood spitting out of mouth, 

- death scene: short death, death stare, mouth open, shocked expression, lying on back, legs and hands spread widely,

- winner leaving the place with her servant,

- second servant tears the blouse of dead girl. 


Two girls sit in the chairs in some bigger room. The chairs face each other.

Beside each girl there is a man standing. The both men are the servants of their ladies. 

Each lady drinks some alcohol. Both ladies also flirts with their servants. 

The girls in the sitting positions with their legs spread look at the servants and they stroke the mens' bellies and legs.

The girls smile on their servants seductively.

In the middle of the room there are the swords leaning on wall. Besides the swords there are leather gloves. 

Each girl has the same clothes: black tight leather trousers and black elegant boots. On top they have white tight blouses very

widely open/unfastened on the top. The blouses are fully put into the trousers (button up style).

The one girl flirting with her servant also watches provocatively the second girl.

"So .... do you really want to challenge me?" she asks her smiling.

Second girl answers "Yeah .... you bitch.... We can settle it forever.... I am going to prove that I am better than you..."

she says boastfully.

Hearing this the first girl stops smiling and pushes her male servant away and with the serious expression in her face she stands up. With her hands on hips she slowly walks to the swords.

The second girl does the same move.

Now both girls watch each other and they start to put the gloves on.

Then they take their swords. 

Now they make two or three steps and they face each other from two or three steps. 

Both servant just watch them fearfully. 

As traditional greeting the each girl puts her sword up and then they both simultaneously put the sword with the point down. 

Then they bow their heads.

"Please donť do this" the one of male servant whispers.

But her lady just orders him arrogantly: "Be silent, stay away and just watch it" she says loudly and self-confidently. 

Then the fighting girls both take the same position: 

they stand sidelong, they put their legs widely spread.

The one hand in which they hold their sword they put ahead. Second hand they put on hip.

Their swords clash. They start to fight very intensively. Then they stop and smiling they just touch with points

of their swords. Then the fight continues. 

Then one girl accidentally drops her sword during fight. 

So now her opponent that before ordered her servant to be silent can kill her very easily. 

But she doesn't do it. She just smiles and says to her rival. "Take it. I just want to kill you honestly".

The clash starts again. But then the girl who several seconds before gave a chance to her rival and let her take

the sword from the floor suddenly loses her balance. Her rival uses this opportunity and she sticks her sword into her chest.

The girl screams. She drops her sword and put both hands on her injury. There is a lot of blood. She also starts

to bleed from her mouth massively. She falls on her back and after short agony with body jerking and gurgling with blood oozing from her mouth she dies.

Her opponent laughs widely and put her foot on dead girl's belly. 

Then she approaches her male servant. "So I won..... we can go" she says in flirty way and they leave both laughing loudly. 

The second servant kneels down to her dead lady. Now he has the opportunity to revenge because she humiliated

him much. He laughs and tears her blouse widely... Her fatal injury is visible. "You got what you deserved" the servant

says scornfully.

The film ends with the shots on dead girl and her shocked expression.



I want this!
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