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«Wow, the film is incredible!  Many thanks!! You are superfast and the film is excellent. It goes far beyond what I expect. I also like your clever idea of using a mirror. Many thanks!»

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Lyalya, who is a senior accountant in a big corporation, recently found out a big fraud in the company’s financial system. She stored the evidence in a thumb drive just in case.

This was a Friday. Lyalya came home. She was quite nervous. She called her friend and told him what she found. He told her not to tell anyone and he would help. She walked around the apartment. We saw her beautiful legs and high heels. She sit on the coach and message her feet. Then someone knocked the door. She thought it was her friend so she put on her high heels and ran to the door. To her surprise, it was someone she didn’t know. “Who are you?”, she asked. “The landlord asked me to come to fix the water problem in the bathroom”, the guy said. Lyalya didn’t recall that she had any water problem, “we don’t have any problem”. “Just show me and I will take a look”, the guy said. Very reluctantly, Lyalya let the guy in and walked towards the bathroom. The guy closed the door and followed her. Then suddenly, he took out a cord and wrapped it around Lyalya’s neck. Lyalya started to fight back and yelled “what are you doing?”. The guy didn’t say anything, but just tighten his cord. At one point, her hand poked on the guy’s face and she was able to escape. But the guy was strong and quickly got her back and only tried to strangle her even harder. Lyalya started to get exhausted and feel the pain of without oxygen. All she could do was just to try to pull the cord around her neck and kicked her feet. One high heel was kicked out, showing her beautiful foot covered by the pantyhose. Finally, Lyalya was gone. Her eyes were half open, but without focus. Her tongue extruded out slightly. The guy hold the cord for another 10 seconds to make sure Lyalya is gone. He then sit on the floor and let Lyalya’s lifeless body leaned against him. Lyalya also seemed to be quite relaxed after so much struggling. Her eyes were open and empty. He got closer to her face and told her “You know to much…”

After about 30 seconds, the guy pushed away Lyalya. She fell to the floor like a pillow. He started to search for the thumb drive. He first walked around the room and searched the bed, and her bag. While he was searching, Lyalya’s eye faced the ceiling. We saw the guy walked around the room but Lyalya had her eye open and straight and she didn’t care. The guy came to Lyalya’s body. He checked her heels, her bras. Finally, he found the thumb drive. It was hidden between her sexy panty and pantyhose. After getting the thumb drive, the guy getting close to Lyalya’s face and said “you thought you are smart… but now I found it”. Lyalya’s eyes were open and had not response. The guy then stand up and walked to the door. He then turned back and looked at Lyalya’s sexy body spreading on the floor. d was still on her neck. He then walked to the door, turned off the light, and left.  

Three hours later, Max, a creepy neighbor of Lyalya, came to knock Lyalya’s door. To his surprise, her door was not locked. He opened the door, it was dark. He turned on the light and found Lyalya was on the floor. He ran over.  “Hi, are you ok? Are you sleeping?”. He touched her shoulder. She was cold and her face was white like a paper and her lips were very white and pale, indicating she was dead for a while. Her eyes were half open but was empty. He checked her nose, no breath; her waist, neck, no pulse. The cord was still on her neck. Under the cord, there was a dark bruise mark. She was dead. Max stand up. He picked up his phone and was about to dial 911.

Ten hour later. Lyalya’s body was found. Her body shows some bruise. Her face still white and pale, even turned little bit gray because she is dead very long. Two detectives arrived. They then took some pictures of her body, her face, and her feet. The two guys then lifted her body and placed her body on the floor. Surprisingly, her body was still very soft. They first carefully loosed the cord.



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