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«Wow... Another piece of wonderful production. You added a lot more story to make the movie more interesting, which is far beyond what I expect. Great job! Many thanks! Will come back and order another one soon!»


Starring: Alice Miren, Edward, Maxim Sergeev, Achilles,  Billy Brug

Alice Miren is the beautiful wife of Max, who is the CEO of a big corporation. However, after being in marriage for  many years, Alice has a risky fair with Ivan, who is the assistant to Max.

This was a Monday morning. Max told Alice that he would be out of town for two days. Alice helped Max pack him luggage and kissed him. After Max was gone, Alice called Ivan and asked him to come over for a nice day together. She then changed to a business suite (like a secretary) with sexy lingerie, white stockings, and high heels, of which Ivan liked.

Ivan came. Like always, Alice flirted in front of Ivan. She showed him her beautiful feet covered by her stocking. Then gradually took offer her cloth, showing her sexy lingerie, her shoulder, and her breast (partially). No surprising, Ivan got excited. She then closed her eyes, waiting Ivan to grab her and have sex with her. However, instead of Ivan’s kiss, a tie was wrapped around her neck. Ivan tightened the tie so much, she could not breath. She asked Ivan, “what are doing this?”. Ivan didn’t answer. Alice fought hard and was almost escape. But Ivan grabbed her back and tightened the tie eve harder. Finally, Alice gave up. Before she went away, Ivan got close to her face and said “sorry baby, Max knows/ He asks me to kill you… I have to… Sorry”. Alice became motionless and leaned her body against Ivan. Her eyes aimlessly stared to the front. Her tongue extruded. Ivan kept the tie tight for another 20 seconds and shook her head to make sure that she was dead. Ivan then pushed her body away to the floor.

Ivan sit on the couch and tried to get some breath. It was a tough fight. He watched Alice’s beautiful lifeless body on the floor. Alice also stared toward the ceiling, but her eyes were empty. Ivan then called Max, “It’s done and she is dead”. Max said, “good. I will be back in one hour. Don’t leave”. After the phone call, Ivan walked around Alice’s body. He kissed her, lift her up against him, played her lifeless hand and arms. He pushed her, then she fell like a pillow. He then checked her feet. They are beautiful. He could not help to kiss her feet. Finally, he stood up, watching Alice’s body. She lied on the floor, lifeless and helpless. Ivan then covered her face with her cloth.

Max came back. He saw Alice’s beautiful body on the floor, her face covered by her cloth. Max then got close, and lift off the cloth. He saw Alice’s white and pale face, showing her being dead for some time. He put her finger in front of her nose, no breath. He then shook her head; she was dead. He then stood up, kicked Alice’s body slightly a few time. Her body shook slightly, but she had no response, “Bitch! You think you can cheat me?”. The camera pan through her body again. “Let’s hide her body and we dealt with it tonight”. Max and Ivan then lifted her lifeless’s body and inserted her body in a closet. They then closed the closet door. As they walked to the door, Max killed Ivan by a pistol. He simply cannot tolerate anyone who was not faithful. Max then closed the door left.

In the evening, Max came back home, found Ivan’s body. He needed to act as if he knew nothing. He called police. “Hi, I found a dead man in my home and my wife was missing…”. Two detectives came. Max greeted them. They first checked quickly Ivan’s body. Max said “I didn’t see my wife and I called her and she would not reply my phone”. The detectives then walked around the room. One detective opened the closet door. We saw Alice’s body. Her face became slightly dark, especially around her eye. She has been dead for more then 8 hours. “Is this your wife?” Max became emotional as he needed to pretend. The detectives checked Alice’s body and took several pictures. They then managed to take her body out of the closet and laid her body on the floor. They did a more thorough check. They took off her lingerie, check her eyes, mouth, neck, breast, and her back. Finally, they bagged her body.





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